• Why do people become homeless?
  • Facing Homelessness

    Facing Homelessness

    – Andy Wade — In this powerful TEDx talk Seattle architect, Rex Hohlbein, shares the story of how his eyes were opened not just to the plight of those experiencing homelessness but also to the people and stories, the real lives, of those living outside. Our involvement with the un-housed is not a one-way street, […]

  • Givers and Takers

    Givers and Takers

    – Andy Wade — It was a cold, snowy day. 7 a.m. came way too early for our shelter guests but there they were, headed out into the cold for the day. That day all of our guests were well verseed in surviving outside in the cold so I wasn’t worried, but I was lamenting […]

  • No Where To Go But Jail?

    No Where To Go But Jail?

    We’re fortunate in Hood River. Our law enforcement has been so supportive of our shelter and often go out of their way to help those living outside. Our community, too, is amazing with numerous volunteers spending hours keeping our shelter and food bank stocked and open for those in need. But around the country there’s […]

  • I’m Not a Bum

    I’m Not a Bum

    The new face of homelessness will break your stereotypes.

  • Change the Paradigm

    Change the Paradigm

    Listening to the stories and exploring new possibilities is the only way to begin to effectively address the problems of homelessness and addiction. Understanding the real issues behind the problem rather than assuming we know, from the outside, what’s best is the way forward. This approach not only deals directly with the underlying problems, it […]

  • Volunteer Training

    Volunteer Training

    Join our amazing team! We’re conducting another volunteer training/orientation session next Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 7-9pm at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (11th and Eugene St.). You can just come and check us out, ask questions, then decide if volunteering at the shelter is right for you. There are also other ways to get involved including: Fundraising […]

  • That Awkward Feeling

    That Awkward Feeling

    – Andy Wade — they make me uncomfortable I pass by, pretending not to notice for every one I see, at least ten more remain hidden, too ashamed or afraid to come out of the shadows awkwardness pursues me knowing there must be something I can do. But then… drug addict alcoholic mentally ill bum […]

Shelter Location
405 Portway Ave
Old HR Expo Center


Shelter Phone (6pm-7am)
(541) 399-2057

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 656
Hood River, OR 97031

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Volunteer Training

Join our amazing team!

Download, fill out, and mail in our Volunteer Application. After we recieve your application we’ll send an email with more details about how to login to volunteer.

Formal volunteer training will happen again mid-January but you can actually begin volunteering right away!

Mail your application to: HRWS, P.O. Box 656, Hood River, OR 97031

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Spread the Word!

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