Homeless Children Testify

Did you see this CNN broadcast about children testifying before congress about what it’s like to be homeless. While congress debates tax cuts and benefit cuts, those on the margins suffer.

“Santa, do you watch CNN? If you do then you don’t need to read any further. You already know about the homeless children who went to Washington D.C. Thursday and testified before the House Finance Sub-Committee asking them to support HR 32, The Homeless Child and Youth Act of 2011. That’s the bill that expands the definition of homelessness to include — well, quite frankly your favorite people — children.

Oh sure, anyone who has visited the National Coalition for the Homeless website knows that the average homeless person is nine years old, has changed schools at least twice this year, and was likely made homeless as a result of domestic violence.

And nobody’s got to tell you, Santa, that there are a million or more kids without homes. Not just kids without chimneys for you to drop down, but no house, nothing, nadda. Admit it Santa, you’ve had a devil of a time visiting the cars, storage compartments, and flea bag hotels where they live. But don’t tell me you’re not annoyed that these kids are often uncounted when HUD and other governmental entities do their official counts. And you know Santa that this keeps their numbers artificially low and reduces the mandate on Congress — and the American people — to actually do something substantive about it.” read more of “An Open Letter to Santa”