Almost Homeless

Andy Wade —

This is an important article and, although it focuses on Hudson, the issues are universal and apply here in Hood River/The Gorge as well.

“Saddled with a number of issues, least of all the promised job that never materialized, Carey fell more and more behind on her rent. She kept hoping that the store she worked for earlier would re-open and call her back, or she could find another job elsewhere. But as the months passed, she found neither a job nor any other kind of help.

Even after being warned that she would be evicted, she hoped for a last minute reprieve, but when none came, she went to City Hall, where she was directed to the Bayonne Equal Opportunity Foundation. She hoped to take advantage of a state homeless prevention program, designed to keep people from being evicted.

But because Carey received monthly child support payments, she didn’t meet the criteria of the program. She was also too far behind on rent.”

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