Living on the Edge When Disaster Strikes

by Andy Wade —

The poor rarely make the news… unless they’ve “done something wrong”. I’m praying for the East Coast of the USA – it’s a disaster. Same storm, different countries, it’s a true catastrophe! May we not lose sight of all those affected by this storm. May our hearts, prayers and practical support go out to all, especially those with so little to lose in the first place.

“Natural disasters hit those living below the poverty line especially hard. Poor people are less able to evacuate in the days and hours leading up to natural disaster, and they don’t have the means to recover as quickly. They are unable to splurge on a hotel room when the power goes out for several days, unable to absorb the cost of all of the extras—from bottled water and batteries to take-out meals—that make it easier to ride out a hurricane. They may not have an extra $20 to spend to take a taxi to work when the public transportation system goes down. And they can’t afford to replace all of the food that goes bad when the power goes out.”

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