The Hood River Shelter Service (HRSS) is a coalition of community members representing service providers, nonprofits, faith-based communities and local government who have come together to ensure that people experiencing homelessness have safe shelter during the winter.

These Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) lay out the protocols for implementing the Hood River Shelter Services (HRSS) during the winter months. HRSS is an emergency shelter for those without housing to provide them a safe and warm space to sleep. Unsheltered persons, especially those living with medical, mental health, or addiction issues, are even more vulnerable in times of inclement weather. HRSS’s purpose is to ensure as best it can that all those who need and want shelter have it. These SOP will ensure the safe and effective operation of HRSS for staff and volunteers as well as safeguarding the people we are serving.

Public and Private Stakeholder Groups
The following organizations were instrumental in creating, planning, and implementing the Hood River Shelter Services program:

Local Churches:



To Compassionately provide a safe place to meet the basic human needs of those without adequate shelter.

Our guests are to be treated with dignity and respect.
Our organizational principles will be as simple and non-bureaucratic as possible, consistent with a “welcoming atmosphere.”
We welcome community involvement.

Our guests are to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Consistent with that overriding emphasis is the importance of respecting the right to privacy and confidentiality of our guests. If we succeed in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere it is possible that our guests will share with some of us their hurts and personal stories. It is our commitment that any such information be kept confidential.

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