Street Level Manual
This manual was written by a seasoned worker with the homeless and mentally ill. In it you will find not only information about working with the homeless but also important information relating to the types and causes of homelessness, types of mental illness, issues surrounding addiction, how to avoid burn-out, and much more!

Nightly Schedule
Just what it sounds like – What happens and when at the shelter

Volunteer ApplicationMore About
All volunteers must fill out this application and provide either location of their current background check or provide the necessary information for us to do the check.

Health Guidelines
Please read these guidelines carefully. While the chances of getting sick at the shelter are slim, certain circumstances require special attention in order to keep our volunteers and guests safe.

Posted Guidelines
Posted sign of basic expectations of guests and volunteers.

HRWS Policy Manual
If you’re interested in the detailed policies underlying the operation of the shelter then this manual is for you. This is not required reading for our volunteers but is posted here for those who are interested and for purposes of transparency.

This sign can be printed portrait on letter-size paper and lists the dates and locations for the shelter through March 5th.

HRWS site-map
This Google map can be printed in color or B&W to give to folks who want to know where the shelters are located. It includes “pins” for each host site, the hospital, the HR Aquatics Center where they can get showers, and FISH Food Bank.

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