Want to Give Useful Items?

This year the Shelter has a permanent home at Riverside Church for the full season. Riverside has asked us to go ‘green.’  They have a sanitizer in the kitchen and we will be using melamine or Corelle plates and bowls.  The Thrift Store at HR Valley Christian Church has donated coffee mugs, forks and knives.  We still need: 25 dinner plates, bread and butter (small) plates, and cereal bowls.

In addition, heavy, cold weather gloves are also needed for the guests.

There is also the need for sleeping bags as it takes about 20 sleeping bags to get through one week.  Once a sleeping bag has been used, even for one night, it cannot be used for another person until it has been laundered.  Often we will have 1 or 2 new people a night, which means a clean sleeping bag for each new person.

If you would like to Give any of these items, please contact Beverly Carpenter at info@hoodrivercares.org to make arrangements for pick up or drop off.

Optimized-B1 warming shelter bed

Your Gift of $50

Can provide a sleeping bag to help someone in need of warmth, while battling the cold.

Your Gift of $30

Can provide a cot  to someone keeping them off the ground, helping with comfort.


Your Gift of $15

Can provide gloves to someone in need of warmth, while battling the cold, all while helping prevent frostbite of fingers.

Your Gift of $10

Can provide a hat to someone in need of warm clothing, which helps prevent them from getting sick.


Your Gift of $3

Can help pay for a homeless person to shower thus helping reduce the spread of diseases.

Your Gift of $2

Can provide a fresh pair of socks to someone in need; helping prevent fungal infections, and trench foot.